Murder in Mississippi: The true story of how I met a white supremacist, befriended his black killer and wrote this book by John Safran

Never having written a book, John Safran set out to write this one after investigating the murder of white supremacist Richard Barrett, a man he had daringly pranked by stealing his DNA and having it tested for African-American ancestry during the filming of his TV series John Safran’s Race Relations — about a year before […]

The Search for Anne Perry: The Hidden Life of a Bestselling Crime Writer by Joanne Drayton

  Heavenly Creatures, Peter Jackson’s eerie film about the Parker-Hulme murder (starring Kate Winslet) is not easily forgotten. Set in 1954 in Christchurch, New Zealand, it tells the bizarre true story of two teenage best friends, Pauline Parker (aged 15) and Juliet Hulme (16), who planned and carried out the brutal, cold-blooded murder of Pauline’s […]

The True Face of Crime – City of shadows: Sydney police photographs 1912 – 1948 by Peter Doyle with Caleb Williams

In the late 1980s four tonnes of photographic material was rescued by the Historic Houses Trust (HHT) from a flooded Sydney warehouse. The 100,000 glass plate and acetate negatives — photos which had been taken between 1912 and 1960 officially owned by the NSW Police Service — became a closed archive of crime photos.

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