Talking Smack: Honest Conversations about Drugs by Andrew McMillen

  Talking Smack features 14 revealing interviews with Australia’s most successful musicians about their attitudes to, and experiences with, illicit, legal and prescription drugs. The premise for writing the book was that while alcohol and nicotine are accepted, illicit drugs and drug users (including recreational users) have been demonised, and the national debate needs to […]

Telling True Stories: The Power and the Pitfalls of Writing Narrative Non-fiction by Matthew Ricketson

Matthew Ricketson (Writing Feature Stories, 2004) is professor of journalism at the University of Canberra and has worked as a journalist at the Age, the Australian and Time Australia. Writing as an academic and practitioner, his latest book is part scholarly analysis, part how-to guide. Ricketson examines the ethics and aesthetics of researching and writing […]

Murder in Mississippi: The true story of how I met a white supremacist, befriended his black killer and wrote this book by John Safran

Never having written a book, John Safran set out to write this one after investigating the murder of white supremacist Richard Barrett, a man he had daringly pranked by stealing his DNA and having it tested for African-American ancestry during the filming of his TV series John Safran’s Race Relations — about a year before […]

The Good Life: What Makes a Life Worth Living by Hugh Mackay (review)

This is not a book about ‘how to feel good, how to find happiness or how to reap some reward for your goodness’. Hugh Mackay’s message is that while those things may well be by-products of living ‘the good life’, if you try to chase them, you will have missed the point of the journey. […]

The Great Race: The race between the English and the French to complete the map of Australia by David Hill

 A map is the greatest of all epic poems. Its lines and colors show the realization of great dreams. Gilbert H. Grosvenor   (1875-1966) Using journals and many other sources to describe two hundred years of exploration by the Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, French, and the English, David Hill tells the gripping story of how Terra Australis […]

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