125 Things: 125 posts about Centennial Park #cp125 96 SOS

Feathered tendrils Greened Fingers A hand Landed, grounded, rained on Tiny beacon Seeking true north In the pea-bean soup sea

125 Things: 125 posts about Centennial Park #cp125 31 Fork in the Road

Sunny, hot A slight dampness hovering after rain   Bats chattering on the breeze Cicadas zinging as the storm water drain roars   Paperbarks peeling As pine needles crunch underfoot   A lone white heron navigates the silt Carefully As tadpoles flit through the reeds   Turtle periscopes dot the lake’s surface As fat eels […]

125 Things: 125 posts about Centennial Park #cp125 16 Bat

A small bat lies flat on its back. Tiny eyes glued shut, black leather wings resting, fur, not yet stiff,  fingers curling neatly, requesting privacy. Framing the scene through my lens, my finger itches to snap but In this frozen moment I honour a silent pact. Who knew life could feel so intrusive and death […]

125 Things: 125 Posts about Centennial Park #cp125 9 Melancholy

I took my melancholy for a walk And fed it three flavours of icecream with a plastic spoon: Chocolate, coffee, lemon. Then I found a white, yellow-streaked cockatoo feather And remembered freedom, Tasted flight.  

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