Toyo: A memoir by Lily Chan – Interview #BBWF2013

Lily Chan was born in Kyoto, raised in Narrogin and now lives in Melbourne. Set in Japan and Western Australia, her debut work is a moving and lyrical reimagining of her grandmother’s life. Toyo: A memoir won the 2013 Dobbie Literary Award for a first published author. I interviewed the author at the 2013 Byron […]

The Hanging of Minnie Thwaites by Judith Rodriguez

I am Minnie Thwaites. I am under Melbourne. Wherever lime goes, where it seeps, where the sour juices of the city are carried down, under bluestone. I am under the paved yard, under the walls. Some of the walls are down now. I am under streets, and people walk the walled yards and the slab […]

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