Making the Rounds with Oscar: The true story of a doctor, his patients and a very special cat by David Dosa

Published by Headline Review (Hachette), $29.99, pb, ISBN 9780755318124   There are over five million people in the United States with Alzheimer’s disease and many hundreds of thousands of others with forms of dementia. This statistic is likely to increase considerably because we are living longer. It is a devastating disease for the patient and […]

Stories of Belonging: Finding where your true self lives (edited by Kali Wendorf)

“We humans are constantly looking for ‘home’, exploring and reinventing our connections and that state of being called ‘belonging’. In this anthology, edited by Kai Wendorf, 15 writers from diverse backgrounds share their deeply personal interpretations of this concept.”

Ways of Escape by Hugh Mackay

Hachette, $32.99 tpb, ISBN 9780733623479 If you had the chance to escape from your life, would you? If so how? Readers will probably know Hugh Mackay as a journalist and social researcher and may be surprised to hear that this is his fifth novel. Set in suburban Sydney, it’s an extension of, not a sequel […]

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