Slabscape: Reset by S Spencer Baker

Slabscape: Reset is described by the author as “a web-back — a work of fiction published in print/eBook format with addenda, back-stories and tangentially linked information available online through Slabscapedia”. The first book in the trilogy is a humourous, fast-paced romp through a sci-fi world which could be the result of Ben Elton getting hold […]

Love Without Hope by Rodney Hall

This is an enthralling novel about love, imaginings, the borders of sanity and madness and the ultimate triumph of hope. In his sharp depictions of small-town savagery and finely detailed portraits, Hall sweeps the reader away with powerful, breathtaking prose. Love Without Hope (the title comes from the Robert Graves poem of the same name) […]

Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King or I lay awake till dawn and it was worth it

Full Dark, No Stars ISBN 9781444712568 This pbk edition published by Hodder, 2011 What could possibly go wrong? Everything. If you’re looking for ‘nice’ stories and your sense of humour is not slightly warped, move right along. If you’d like a sweet night’s sleep, choose another book. These are terrible stories that take hold and […]

Asperger’s, Creativity and Neuroscience – Sue Woolfe

In The Secret Cure, an unusual novel which requires the reader simply to surrender to its extraordinary beauty, Woolfe successfully combines a complex, heart wrenching love story with explorations into Asperger’s Syndrome, autism, science, genetics, psychology, the human condition and the very nature of love. The bulk of The Secret Cure is presented as the […]

The Lost Book of Salem by Katherine Howe

Penguin $32.95 pb ISBN 9780718154394 This book is a clear winner and should find a place in the hearts of many readers. Populated by strong, interesting and gifted women, the novel has an appealing, feisty heroine, strong feminist elements and is an irresistible mix of fast-paced, supernatural thriller and historical fiction. Combine all this with […]

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