Man in a Grey Suit: A memoir of surfing, shark attack and survival by Glenn Orgias

The book opens in February 2009 with the 33 year-old author recalling the moment of the attack and then in a kind of cliff hanger for the reader, immediately flashes back to the author’s childhood in the form of a countdown starting with Day Minus 6500 leading up to the day of the attack (Day […]

The Italian Girl by Rebecca Huntley

    What makes us who we are: our name, food, language, religion? Social researcher/author Rebecca Huntley wanted to find out and the result is her gentle, deeply personal story about love, loss, family history and a crisis of identity. Huntley writes: “I always say ‘I’m Italian’, but it doesn’t feel true. I’m an imposter, […]

Only in Spain: In search of my heart’s desire by Nellie Bennett

    “Flamenco took me out of that narrow world where success was equated with the value of your handbag on eBay, your boyfriend’s taxable income and how close you were to buying that waterfront property … With flamenco I was transported into a world where everyone is beautiful, because beauty is in everything … […]

Me, Myself and Lord Byron: A woman, a poet and a quest to reclaim the zest for life by Julietta Jameson

For a number of reasons, life fell apart for journalist and author Julietta Jameson. By the time she reached her forties, highly successful in her career, single, unmarried and childless, she felt out of control and in this memoir — part personal journey, part travelogue — she bares her soul recounting how she arrived at […]

The Taliban Shuffle: Strange Days in Afghanistan and Pakistan by Kim Barker

“I could see the stories that stretched for years into the future, much like the ones that stretched back years into the past. More bombs, more sudden death, more adrenaline. Never had I felt as alive as in Pakistan and Afghanistan, so close to chaos, so constantly reminded of how precious, temporary, and fragile life […]

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