Peter FitzSimons – Interview about Ned Kelly: The story of Australia’s most notorious legend

This interview was first published in Inside History magazine. I had received an advance proof of the book and the author was keen to know what I thought about it (he asked me for a rating out of 10; I was not expecting that but gave it an 8) and about Ned. It was a […]

Anita Heiss Interview Byron Bay Writers’ Festival 2013 #BBWF2013

Dr Anita Heiss is an acclaimed author and social commentator who recently joined Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning and UTS as an Adjunct Professor. She is an Indigenous Literacy Foundation Ambassador and a Books in Homes Ambassador. Anita is a proud member of the Wiradjuri nation of central New South Wales and her mother was […]

Jesse Blackadder Interview Byron Bay Writers’ Festival 2013 #BBWF2013

Jesse Blackadder is the author of award-winning historical novels The Raven’s Heart (about the real Blackadder family and set during the reign of Mary Queen of Scots) and Chasing the Light (the story of Norwegian-born Ingrid Christensen, the first woman to reach Antarctica). Blackadder is now writing a series of children’s novels and I caught […]

The Hanging of Minnie Thwaites by Judith Rodriguez

I am Minnie Thwaites. I am under Melbourne. Wherever lime goes, where it seeps, where the sour juices of the city are carried down, under bluestone. I am under the paved yard, under the walls. Some of the walls are down now. I am under streets, and people walk the walled yards and the slab […]

Parramatta Female Factory

Around one in five Australians are related to women who were incarcerated at the Parramatta Female Factory. This important historical site is under threat. Read about the fight to save it in my article, Our Fair Ladies, published  in the Sept-Oct 2013 issue of Inside History magazine. Our Fair Ladies

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