A Hundred Small Lessons by Ashley Hay

A Hundred Small Lessons (the title is drawn from a Michael Ondaatje poem) explores notions of home, family, identity, creativity, ageing and our relationship with cities and the natural world.

On the Blue Train by Kristel Thornell #AWW2016

In December 1926, Agatha Christie, already a well-known novelist, starred in her own mystery when she ‘disappeared’ for 11 days without a word to her husband or six-year-old daughter. The discovery of her abandoned car near the edge of a cliff suggested suicide or murder and the case sparked a nationwide manhunt. Christie was eventually […]

In the Quiet by Eliza Henry Jones

 If you like novels with a rural setting, full of earth and horses, this one’s for you! Cate Carlton, narrator of In the Quiet, is dead but not ready to move on. She can’t remember how she died and lingers in a dreamlike, in-between place—gone, yet somehow still anchored in this world. We accompany her […]

After the Darkness by Honey Brown #AWW2015

This suspenseful psychological thriller by award-winning Aussie crime writer Honey Brown (Red Queen, The Good Daughter, Through the Cracks) is a frighteningly realistic page-turner about the aftermath of trauma and violence — a story of a good day gone very bad. A snap decision to make a detour to an isolated art gallery on the […]

Evie Wyld wins 2014 Miles Franklin Literary Award for All the Birds, Singing.

So thrilled about this! As I’ve said, probably ranted, before — I fell in love with All the Birds, Singing when I read/reviewed it last year over at the Newtown Review of Books (review appears below) so, was delighted to find out it had won the Miles Franklin this year. I confess I was on […]

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