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125 Things: 125 Posts about Centennial Park #cp125 10 Labyrinth

This is my dad walking the draft version of the labyrinth. I tried it for a bit and got dizzy but he, being very determined in that ‘male facing a challenge way’, kept going — I’m not sure he solved the puzzle though. Walking the labyrinth is supposed to be a meditative process and have […]

The Great Race: The race between the English and the French to complete the map of Australia by David Hill

 A map is the greatest of all epic poems. Its lines and colors show the realization of great dreams. Gilbert H. Grosvenor   (1875-1966) Using journals and many other sources to describe two hundred years of exploration by the Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, French, and the English, David Hill tells the gripping story of how Terra Australis […]

125 Things: 125 Posts about Centennial Park #cp125 8 Bird watching


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