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Alexander Macleay: From Scotland to Sydney by Derelie Cherry #aww12

If the name ‘Macleay’ sounds familiar, you have probably visited the family’s former residence, Elizabeth Bay House, or are thinking of Macleay Street, the Macleay Ranges or the Macleay Museum at the University of Sydney. Dr Derelie Cherry, fell in love with Elizabeth Bay House when she visited there in the late 1980s and started […]

Captain Thunderbolt and his Lady: The true story of bushrangers Frederick Ward & Mary Ann Bugg by Carol Baxter #aww12

This is the compelling story of Captain Thunderbolt (Frederick Wordsworth Ward), a ticket-of-leave convict turned bushranger and his part-Aboriginal lover and loyal companion in crime Mary Ann Bugg. Ward was a ‘gentleman robber’ and ‘the longest- roaming bushranger in Australian history’.  Although he caused the troopers plenty of grief, Ward gained support from the public […]

Stories from the elders: Interview with Kim Scott about Mamang and Noongar Mambara Bakitj and the Wirlomin Noongar Language and Stories Project

My interview with Kim Scott was published in Issue 7 Nov-Dec 2011 of Inside History magazine. The article (available as a pdf below) is about these gorgeous picture books published by UWA Publishing as a result of the Wirlomin Noongar Language and Stories Project. Hope you enjoy reading the article and that you’ll be inspired […]

Slabscape: Reset by S Spencer Baker

Slabscape: Reset is described by the author as “a web-back — a work of fiction published in print/eBook format with addenda, back-stories and tangentially linked information available online through Slabscapedia”. The first book in the trilogy is a humourous, fast-paced romp through a sci-fi world which could be the result of Ben Elton getting hold […]

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