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Making the Rounds with Oscar: The true story of a doctor, his patients and a very special cat by David Dosa

Published by Headline Review (Hachette), $29.99, pb, ISBN 9780755318124   There are over five million people in the United States with Alzheimer’s disease and many hundreds of thousands of others with forms of dementia. This statistic is likely to increase considerably because we are living longer. It is a devastating disease for the patient and […]

Someone Else’s Child: A surrogate’s story by Sue Phillips

*** (three stars – good book, within its genre as per Bookseller+Publisher ratings system) Published by UQP, $32.95 pb ISBN 9780702237751 This is not your average pregnancy/birth memoir; it is an unusual story of surrogate motherhood, of giving the ultimate gift—a child. Sue Phillips, married with three children was approaching the age of 40 when […]

Miscellaneous Voices: Australian Blog Writing No. 1 edited by Karen Andrews

**** (four stars – an excellent book as per Bookseller+Publisher ratings system) Published by Miscellaneous Press, $19.95 pb, ISBN: 9780646522005 Some would not agree that some of the best writing appears in blogs. Editor Karen Andrews throws down the gauntlet by introducing her anthology as “an experiment to see how this writing, these writers, stand […]

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