125 Things: 125 posts about Centennial Park #cp125 1

Centennial Parklands sign


This year and this day 26 January, marks the 125th anniversary of Centennial Park.

Having grown up in a house across the road from the park and having lived there for almost thirty years, it’s always been a big part of my life. My grandparents came to the park as did my parents and as I live in the area, it’s still one of my special, favourite places; I spend a lot time there.

I have been writing about and taking pictures in the park for a while and have been meaning to start doing something with the material so have decided to take on the 125 Things Challenge by publishing 125 posts about the park on my blog.

Leaving the form and number of times per week that I post open, I could end up with an article, poem, photograph, drawing, a short or long piece, a response to something I’ve seen or am feeling, a memory or something brand new. (The poetry will no doubt be awful so please be forewarned).

This project ties in with a year-long writing course I am starting in February called ‘Belonging: Writing as intimate encounter with place.’  It’s not part of the course but it seems the two things are connected so the timing feels right — to begin.

Each post will be numbered and referred to using the Twitter #cp125 hashtag.

Let’s see how it goes …

Re © copyright: As ridiculous as this concept may sound in our pinnable, digital world, everything on this site including my photos (which are all watermarked) is my intellectual property so please – play nice and ask if you’d like to republish something. Thank you.


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